8 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

As the world continues to advance, the amount of data and digital interactions will only grow exponentially. This digital shift is changing the way companies do business and handle data. In 2020, about 83% of enterprise workloads were estimated to have been performed in the cloud. Nowadays, more and more businesses grow reliant on cloud computing for their day-to-day operations.


Inventory Management 101: Everything You Need to Know

Inventory management is a fundamental function in the retail and manufacturing industries. It helps business owners identify which products have been sold, which ones have been ordered, and which items have been received in the warehouse. This ensures there’s always enough supply to meet the demand and that the company uses its assets efficiently.


ERP Trends and Statistics That You Need To Know in 2022

Business efficiency requires that everything within the company is in sync. But unless there’s a central system in place, it can be difficult to sort out what’s happening from one department to another. This kind of poor coordination can spell financial and logistical problems, putting the quality of company products or services on the line.