Top 15 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Drive Revenue in 2022

eCommerce retail can be a saturated space, but the right business ideas can bring financial rewards. Find out the top revenue-making options in this article.

Top 15 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Drive Revenue in 2022

The effects of COVID-19 have been far-reaching. From its impact on the healthcare system to the shift to remote work setup, the crisis turned things upside down. Not to downplay the unfortunate events, but one positive change came out of the pandemic—the restrictions on face-to-face interactions propelled the growth of eCommerce business ideas for retail.

According to Statista, this year’s sales from global eCommerce may cross $5.5 trillion. Indeed, the market offers lucrative opportunities—especially if you have excellent business acumen. 

In this post, we’ll feature profitable ideas that can drive revenue and grow your eCommerce empire in 2022.

Top 15 Ecommerce Business Ideas to Drive Revenue in 2022

15 Profitable Ecommerce Business Ideas That You Can Consider

A company’s success lies in the business idea it espouses. For most, that means putting a lot of thought into their field of specialization. Since the eCommerce retail space is rife with competition, you must find your niche by identifying the product or service that caters to a specific, exclusive market segment.

Leverage the rising consumer interest in eCommerce. These business ideas can be a revenue-generating endeavor if you employ the right strategies and tools.

1. Beauty products for men

Just like women, male consumers are into personal branding, as well. They want to make a good impression in social and day-to-day interactions, so they’re willing to invest in products that zero in on health and beauty, personal hygiene, skin and hair care, and the like.

Take this business idea up a notch through subscription boxes, which involve packaging your products in a box and delivering them to customers on a regular, recurring schedule, keeping your cash register healthy.

2. Natural skincare products

Organic skincare is a thriving industry. Instead of chemicals and other artificial substances, natural ingredients in facial cleansers, soaps, body scrubs, and sunscreens are leading the race in the skincare department. Besides being environmentally friendly, natural products can help you win the business of consumers willing to spend for clean beauty.

3. Handmade, sustainable clothing

Nowadays, sustainable fashion is on the rise. As a sustainable fashion brand, you can keep your production costs low by forming a team of highly skilled dressmakers, tailors, and artists who can design handcrafted fashion accessories. Then, opt for recycling, repurposing, or reinventing materials and designs in your strategy to save on capital and increase your revenue.

4. Athleisure and Activewear

Pandemic or not, the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. If you’re looking to build your athleisure eCommerce store, the bulk of your products will comprise shoes, apparel, bags, and caps or helmets—all highly marketable. In fact, this industry boasts a 6.7% CAGR based on forecasts covering 2019 to 2026.

5. eBooks

Book writing used to be done in publishing houses with printing presses until eBooks came along. Nowadays, you can commission subject area experts to write informative content pieces and sell them in this format. And if you have built an online following on social media, you could also monetize that by writing eBooks about topics in your field of interest or specialization.

6. Smart home products

Billions of electronic devices make up today’s highly globalized world. Through the internet of things (IoT), those devices can connect and communicate with one another in an integrated ecosystem, making it possible to work, learn, or have leisure with a mere touch on their smartphones.

With the tech geniuses in your company, you could give existing brands a run for their money. You only need to explore the different ways people use technology in their daily lives to build the next big thing in the smart home space. Alternatively, you could partner with up-and-coming players and sell their products in your eCommerce store.

7. Online grocery items

Grocery shopping using digital platforms is another fast-growing industry. In the U.S., digital grocery sales can reach $147.51 billion.

Should you pursue this business venture, some of the most profitable models to employ include wholesaling and dropshipping. If you choose the former, you need to buy products in bulk and then sell them individually. On the other hand, dropshipping involves working with a third party to provide product inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping services.

8. Vegan, gluten-free food products

People are making healthier lifestyle choices, including turning to vegan and gluten-free diets. You can tap the services of certified dieticians and cooks whose passion is serving nutritious, delicious dishes—pies, burgers, cheese, sushi, wine, and more. Then market your neatly packaged, awesome meal plans on social media, food trucks, restos, or catering events.

9. Pet food and treats

Whether you’re a pet owner, a regular donor to animal shelters, or a casual dog or cat lover, you know these lovable creatures deserve high-quality care. This makes pet food products a viable business idea, a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars globally.

Since pet parents never want to see their furry babies going hungry, your eCommerce shop can offer pet food and treats subscription boxes.

10. Face masks

In this post-COVID era, face masks remain a health and safety daily essential. And even if each person used only one face mask every day, imagine how many of this type of personal protective equipment you could sell for a year. You don’t have to contribute to the tons of waste that used face masks can create by making them washable or compostable.

11. Sustainable home products

Whether you want to focus on gardening, cooking, or packaging items, you can be part of the green industry business. Online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms can help you bring your products in front of consumers.

12. Secondhand books

Many book enthusiasts don’t mind buying pre-loved items as long as they’re in good condition and reasonably priced. And with book prices going up because of the increasing costs of paper, many bookworms now prefer buying secondhand. Go through your collection, request family and friends to donate their old books, partner with suppliers, and then put those books on sale.

13. Art pieces

There will always be interest in arts and crafts, so you may as well try your hand at creating masterpieces for profit. You can start small with magnets, stickers, and prints, then scale your business to a wider market that may include posters, paintings, wall hanging décor, and digital art.

14. Secondhand designer pieces

Brand-new shoes, dresses, coats, jewelry, watches, and bags can cost a fortune, especially if they come from designer labels. Putting up an eCommerce store that sells branded secondhand fashion items can attract customers who want to score luxury pieces at a fraction of the cost.

15. Home gym equipment

You won’t go out of business selling or renting home gym equipment, especially since staying in shape is on everyone’s mind nowadays. Whether you’re into yoga or strength training, you can use your talent and expertise to grow your brand’s customer base.

Ecommerce Retail is Calling

The world of eCommerce retail is vast, and so are the business opportunities that await you. As long as you know your target market and the specific product or service they need, you’ve got much of the work done. Using the right tools is vital, as well. For the eCommerce ideas listed here, you’ll need an efficient, cost-effective eCommerce platform to get your business off the ground.

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