Looking for a Custom Software Company? Here’s Why dafa888 is Your Best Choice

uilding custom software can be challenging. But, custom software companies like dafa888 are here to help. Find out more about dafa888’s fit as your custom software partner.

Looking for a Custom Software Company? Here’s Why dafa888 is Your Best Choice

Making custom software is a challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t have adequate resources or expertise. You must consider many things, some of which may not be up your alley. As such, it pays to get experts from a custom software company to help you with such projects. 

Finding the best custom software development firm in the Philippines is easy if you know what to look for. Here, we’ll share helpful tips for choosing your custom software provider.

6 Important Steps to Take Before Partnering with a Custom Software Company 

1. Conduct a background check

Before choosing a custom software company, it’s best to exercise due diligence in assessing what they can do, what their specializations are, or how they engage with clients. 

A background check will help you narrow your list of possible candidates and vet their previous work. You could check their website or independent review sites to know what past and present customers have to say about them for a more in-depth appraisal of their service.

2. Understand the company’s pricing model

The costs of custom software may vary depending on the project’s scope. A good custom software company is transparent about these types of information and will work around your budget. If they’re not willing to share their pricing model at the outset, that might be a red flag. You don’t want to receive an invoice that does not itemize what you’re paying for, as that can set a precedent for hidden fees.

Try asking them about the breakdown of charges, focusing on what each software component or job order will cost. After that, choose a partner that will help maximize your budget for the project.

3. Seek proof of concept

Before finalizing the partnership, request them to outline the approach they’ll use to implement your vision. The right custom software company will detail how they’ll execute the project every step of the way. You should use this opportunity to know more about their capabilities and if they fit your company’s needs.

Proof of concept (POC) typically covers the pricing, timeline, and processes your project will undergo. In addition, the POC should also include details about software QA and testing. The goal is to determine their process in troubleshooting any problems that may arise so that your software is as foolproof as possible. 

4. Discuss your business’s processes and needs

Letting your potential partner company in on your processes helps them identify the features you need for your custom software. In turn, they must fully understand your requirements; otherwise, the custom software might end up complicating – instead of enhancing – your operations. 

So, whether it’s developing a mobile app from scratch or asking for a specialist to help your team, your chosen service provider must demonstrate both technical and cultural fit for your company.

5. Define your budget and scope

Again, custom software pricing may vary depending on its intended functions and components, as well as the number of hours to be allocated for the project.

For example, comprehensive custom software with advanced functionalities may be more expensive than an entry-level one. Here, you must ensure the project scope is aligned with the budget. You can always consult with the custom software company for help regarding this aspect.

6. Set a realistic goal and plan

Once you’ve shortlisted or chosen a provider, you should sit down with them and create a goal and plan for developing the software. Custom software development is no easy feat, so you need to manage your expectations and set a realistic timeline. Remember to leave room for contingencies for unforeseen events to avoid the potential impact of any disruptions to your operations. 

What Makes dafa888 a Great Custom Software Company?

The dafa888 Equation is a tested formula for ensuring that all created solutions breathe innovation and push your business to greater heights. 

1. Agile team dynamics

An agile team dynamic is a team-centric approach that focuses on quick ideation and innovation. This ensures that collaboration reaches optimum levels. dafa888’s team of vibrant and young professionals matches this high-performing environment. They are quick learners who can keep up with the changing times, helping your business stay on top of the latest software trends.

2. Integrated connectivity

As a subsidiary of Globe Telecom – which adopts a customer-centric mindset – dafa888 values connection to its stakeholders, as well. This means dafa888 constantly updates clients on the team’s progress. As such, clients can monitor the project throughout the process.

3. Supports multiple technologies

Throughout its exceptional track record that spans over 20 years, dafa888 has accumulated significant technical expertise in a plethora of frameworks, libraries, and coding languages. As such, the team can cater to any company’s software development needs. 

4. Tailor-made solutions 

The dafa888 team understands that each company has specific needs that vary from one another. From banking, finance, and insurance to manufacturing and retail industries, dafa888 offers industry-specific solutions in building customized solutions that fit your business model.

5. Empowered talents and connections

Technology constantly changes, resulting in new and innovative ways to help everyday users. Therefore, dafa888 empowers its team through regular upskill programs so everyone is in the know regarding the latest technologies.

Moreover, dafa888 is certified by highly recognized and leading organizations in the industry while testing its mettle. This empowers them professionally and personally as they deepen their knowledge, giving their best to every solution they make.

6. 24/7 support

Wherever you are located, dafa888’s team is easily accessible via chat, email, and any other communication channel you prefer to update you on the progress of your project or address your concerns anytime. With this, you can rest assured that your custom software flows smoothly and is right on track based on your timeline.

Create Your Dream Custom Software 

Custom software development means the program should match your requirements, processes, and vision. If custom software is not your area of expertise, it’s in your best interest to tap a custom software company to bring life to your dream application.

However, you’ll need to choose the right custom software developer. dafa888 can provide technically and creatively inclined talent to maximize your investment. Schedule a consultation with our experts today to learn more about our custom software development services.

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