6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

With the advent of various marketing mediums nowadays, this article will prove to you that SMS marketing is still a wise choice for businesses in the Philippines in 2022.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

Every Filipino probably experienced receiving a text message from a brand promoting a product or service.

Indeed, text marketing is the best choice if you are looking for the easiest way to communicate directly with your existing or potential customers. You may easily send out newsletters, coupons, promos, or announcements with just a click.

Although SMS Marketing has existed for two decades already, many businesses still do not consider maximizing or utilizing it. For some, they think that traditional marketing is still the better choice.

Also, the rise of some messaging apps like Messenger and Viber caused a significant disruption in text communication. However, SMS still proves to be the most effective medium to reach your clients.

There are many reasons why you should choose SMS marketing. Here are the top six reasons why:

1. SMS consistently has higher open and response rates versus email.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

According to surveys, SMS instills in users a sense of urgency. This is why people tend to open a text message right away. This might explain why SMS has an almost perfect open rate of 98%.

Additionally, SMS also boast of being read within one to five minutes after receiving. Compared to email, which has only a 20% open rate, SMS shows a promising performance even in the years to come.

What does this tell us? It simply implies that consumers trust texting more than email, even in this digital age. On the other hand, studies show that an average person takes 90 minutes to respond to an email while only 90 seconds to answer a text message.

2. Eighty two (82) million Filipinos own mobile phones.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

Up to this date, there are 82.3 million Filipinos who own mobile phones, according to statista.com. By 2025, the number is expected to reach 90 million. This means an ample opportunity for lead generation and conversion in the country through SMS marketing.

With the pandemic increasing the phone usage of every Filipino, now is the perfect time to leverage SMS marketing.

3. Mobile phone market is predicted to skyrocket during and even after the pandemic.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

The pandemic has made physical contact so limited. The majority of the companies implemented a Work-from-Home set-up. Likewise, online classes are so prevalent too. The need to communicate translated to the need for communication devices, specifically mobile phones.

By 2027, the mobile market is expected to reach almost 338 billion. The market grew to nearly 23%.

Simply put, phones have become so essential too. Almost everyone is at home with a mobile device at hand; businesses should maximize this opportunity to send a message directly to their customers.

4. SMS Marketing is more cost-effective than any other marketing medium. 

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

SMS has taken off in the Philippines due to its affordability.

Despite all these advantages, who would have thought you could maximize text marketing with less than a peso per SMS.

This makes SMS marketing a great choice for every business, especially small businesses just starting.

5. SMS reaches a broad demographic.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

SMS has been existing for two decades already. Meaning, even the oldest member of your family most probably knows how to communicate through text.

Also, no matter what the model is, a mobile phone has text messaging as its one primary functionalities. Users who do not have smartphones can receive your message.

SMS marketing reaches everyone who is in your company’s database. It is literally the best option to spread your word.

6. SMS marketing perfectly works with any type of marketing.

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Best for Businesses in 2022

Whatever your marketing medium is, you can still use SMS as an enabler.

While every campaign takes time to be spread out, SMS can inform customers instantly. It can be used to support your marketing by increasing awareness of your marketing campaign instantly.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that SMS is still here and has a significant place as a marketing medium despite more and more people going online. SMS is still the most effective and efficient marketing technique.

Fortunately, dafa888 Inc. is here to help you in your SMS marketing journey. As your SMS aggregator, we will make sure you enjoy various advantages and take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

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