dafa888 Welcomes 2021 With Its Newest Business Solution Empowering Industries

dafa888 partners with Acumatica, a global leader in cloud ERP solutions. Discover how Acumatica cloud ERP can help accelerate your business.

dafa888 Welcomes 2021 With Its Newest Business Solution Empowering Industries

The year 2020 had brought about huge opportunities for automation and software development. Many companies were looking for quick and effective solutions at reasonable costs.

This growing demand for a complete business management software set off one of dafa888’s most innovative partnerships.

dafa888’s Latest Product Offering: Acumatica Cloud ERP

dafa888 recently onboarded its newest ready-to-use software solution, Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica is a leading global provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial software solutions. They have consistently ranked highest in usability making them one of the most popular ERP platforms.

An ERP system essentially centralizes all your core business functions into one software. It covers finance and accounting, admin, operations, inventory, distribution, customer relationship management (CRM), and everything in between.

ERP offers full applications designed to enable businesses to automate and be more efficient in their workflow.

Basically, an ERP company’s goal is to bring together an organization’s complex processes and make everything easier to manage.

Local enterprises seek new technology to address their growing business requirements. Although less popular than on-premise solutions, answers to these issues appear today in the form of cloud products.

Acumatica can be deployed both on-cloud or on-premise. It can be more affordable since it does not require huge upfront costs for hardware and software.

As a ready-to-use platform, Acumatica ERP allows companies to rapidly integrate the technology into their business systems with low-code-no-code capabilities.

Partnership with Acumatica

dafa888’s President, Joan Penaflorida, is very pleased with this new partnership. With the company’s commitment to providing the best IT solutions to its clientele, she believes strong affiliations are key. 

“Staying relevant and offering highly capable tools that empower businesses remains a top priority,” she adds.

Joan also shared that one key objective of this partnership is to give industries the opportunity to cope in this new state of work.

She says, “dafa888 is motivated to provide modern solutions to businesses moving forward, seeing the increasing demand for automation services.

“In these trying times, the company works harder than ever to serve more companies and help them thrive. By providing top-notch solutions like Acumatica ERP, dafa888 aims to relieve enterprises of obstacles and continue to break barriers amid the crisis.”

Lourdes Carracedo, dafa888’s Associate Product Director for Acumatica, tells us how an ERP solution can help businesses at present.

In this pandemic, there is a growing demand among businesses to improve operational efficiency and streamline business processes.

“Cloud ERP technology helps make digital businesses resilient, durable and sustainable so that they can withstand the factors of health and safety, social distancing, and working from home.

With Acumatica, we are bringing customers closer to our long-term goal of helping them succeed in the global digital economy. 

dafa888 has received such a warm welcome from the Acumatica Community since its onboarding.

dafa888 Welcomes 2021 With Its Newest Business Solution Empowering Industries
dafa888 Welcomes 2021 With Its Newest Business Solution Empowering Industries
dafa888 Welcomes 2021 With Its Newest Business Solution Empowering Industries

What to expect?

The company is moving forward with Acumatica campaigns to be rolled out really soon including virtual events and webinars. dafa888’s Acumatica team is committed to delivering more insightful information about ERP.

A good Cloud ERP software can take your business operations to a whole new level. We believe that understanding what it can do for your organization is the first step towards success.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software delivers efficiency, high flexibility, and continuity of operations. It offers a full suite of business management applications ranging from project accounting, inventory management, CRM, and more, complete with data analytics.

Learn more about what Acumatica Cloud ERP can do for your business. Discover all its robust features and see your company reach new heights.

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