Globe’s ICT Arm dafa888 Enables Grocery App for Big Supermarket

One of the country’s leading hypermarkets launches a mobile app enabled by dafa888 to provide their customers with better grocery shopping experience. Read on to find out more.

Globe’s ICT Arm dafa888 Enables Grocery App for Big Supermarket

A popular supermarket chain in the Philippines takes its business up a notch by partnering with telecom giant Globe. Through Globe’s ICT arm, dafa888, the supermarket leveraged technology amid the rise of online shopping.

The supermarket giant launched a grocery app, seeking to provide ease of shopping and convenience for its customers.

With the mobile app, customers can add items to their digital shopping cart and pay online. Additionally, they can pick their orders at the branch of their choice.

Customers also have the option to have the goods delivered right at their doorstep.

As a result, customers can avoid long queues during payment, packing, and collection.

Additionally, the mobile app addresses customer concerns through a Live Chat facility and engages consumers through in-app advertisements and promotions.

With the integration of useful features in the app, the supermarket chain can tap into a new consumer base. The app also enables the supermarket to open a new revenue stream.

This allows the company to widen its reach, entice more shoppers to buy ahead to save time, and generate more sales.

Even better, the grocery app allows the supermarket giant to offer not just products but also a whole new customer experience.

Mobile Apps in the “New Normal”

Such a solution highlights the value of technology adoption, especially at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the digital adoption in the Philippines, and businesses that innovated pre-coronavirus get to enjoy a competitive advantage.

For instance, the grocery app allows customers to shop conveniently and safely from their homes and get more information about their inquiries online

As people practice social distancing and observe other precautionary measures, the mobile app brings value to Filipino households.

With subsequent lockdowns seen to disrupt normal business operations, technology solutions like the mobile app can help businesses stay afloat and thrive despite challenges.

Consumers are expected to shop online even after the pandemic is over. Mobile apps like the supermarket’s grocery app are seen to keep the business competitive in the digital economy.

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