Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

Many retailers still think mobile apps are only “nice to have” rather than consider them as a necessity. Here’s why you should think twice.

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

The on-going pandemic pushed enterprises across all sectors to accelerate their digital transformation. Businesses that developed innovative ways, including the integration of mobile apps into their business strategy, have become more able to cope.

Sadly, many retailers still think mobile apps are only “nice to have” rather than consider them as an essential component in their business strategy. But with the current pandemic hurting businesses across the world, will there be a change in their perspective?

If you own or manage a retail store, this article is for you. Read on and discover why your retail business needs a mobile app.

9 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

1. Provide convenience and reliability

According to Statista, 74 million people are smartphone users in the Philippines as of 2019. This figure no longer comes as a surprise since smartphones are designed to provide convenience.

This is also probably the reason why mobile apps are far more responsive and convenient to use compared to websites. They also experience fewer connectivity issues and can be customized to include smartphone features.

For instance, the Bluetooth, GPS, and camera can be integrated into your mobile app to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, people can discover you in App Stores, helping to boost your mobile presence.

2. Simplify payments

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile apps also make payments easy with the help of smartphone features. For instance, your customers can use their smartphone cameras for credit card scanning.

Touch IDs are also being utilized nowadays for payment authentication. Such features allow customers to save time and effort when settling their payments, providing convenience, and enhancing their overall experience.

3. Meet your shoppers’ pace

As a retailer, you need to consider where your customers are. Many people consider their mobile phones as their “first screen,” which explains the increasing customer preference for mobile apps.

Placing your business front and center of your customers’ screen allows you to meet their pace. Simply put, mobile apps can enable you to maximize the chance of meeting your customers’ demands wherever they may be.

4. Enhance customers’ in-store experience

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

If you’re looking to boost your customers’ in-store experience, mobile apps can also help. With the integration of other technology features, you can allow store checkouts and provide mobile receipts.

You can even make it easier for your customers to shop around your store by providing details about stock availability and item location. Such features offer convenience for your customers, helping enhance their experience with your brand.

5. Understand consumer behavior

Another prized benefit of mobile apps is they allow you to track and understand your customers’ shopping behavior. With the help of a mobile analytics tool, you can monitor how your customers are interacting with their app at any given time.

This allows you to gather information on your customers’ purchasing habits. As a result, you can make informed decisions about your offerings and improve all other aspects related to your business.

6. Personalize shopping experience

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

By understanding how your customers are interacting with their apps, you can also personalize their shopping experience. This paves the way for enhanced engagement between your brand and your customers.

For instance, push notifications and in-app messaging allow you to send personalized and relevant communications to them. This improves engagement, conversion, and revenues.

7. Enjoy increased conversion and profitability

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

With a mobile app, you can also improve your conversions and profitability. One survey shows that nearly half of respondents who downloaded a retailer branded app bought more products and visited the physical store more often.

Luckily, a mobile application development company can help you savor these benefits. dafa888, for instance, can develop a mobile app for your retail business to help you achieve your goals.

8. Achieve your sales target

Many businesses find it extra challenging these days to achieve their sales targets with social distancing and quarantine measures in place. As traditional shopping was put at a halt, mobile apps help to keep retail businesses afloat.

Since your brand is present on mobile, shoppers can still avail of your product offerings. As a result, you can continue driving sales remotely and even achieve your targets.

9. Boost customer loyalty

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

A mobile app also makes a powerful loyalty tool. Since it is installed on your customers’ phone, you can keep in touch with them wherever they are.

You can connect with them directly through push messaging and send them useful information. Additionally, you can offer exclusive deals and discounts to all app downloaders.

Businesses nowadays are scrambling to stay afloat amid the on-going pandemic. And it is only by adopting innovative solutions that enterprises can cope.

Using mobile apps, for instance, allows your business to be always present and accessible, meeting your customers’ pace and demands. As a result, you can survive and even continue driving business results when unexpected events rattle the world.

Are you looking for a mobile application development company that can help you boost your mobile presence? Talk to our team today to learn more about our solutions.

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