7 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

Discover which construction tech trends are making strides today, and learn how you can use them for your construction business!

7 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

Are you wondering which construction tech trends will help shape the industry in 2020? Discover which technologies are making significant strides today, and find out how you can maximize them for your construction business.

7 Construction Tech Trends You Should Watch Out For

1. Augmented Reality

Design plans and sketches are giving way to augmented reality (AR), which allows builders to automate construction processes more interactively. While this technology comes with a cost, it offers several benefits like improved efficiency, managed costs, and streamlined collaboration.

You can use AR in your construction business to create 3D models on a 2D plan. This tech trend allows clients to preview buildings and suggest changes before construction starts.

With the use of AR, you can also automate measurements, make changes, and access information directly on the site. AR also helps to improve team collaboration as field workers can seek consultation from remote team members by sharing notes and videos in real-time.

2. 3D Printing

7 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

3D Printing proves useful for the construction industry, particularly for prototyping. Compared to traditional construction processes, this construction tech trend saves resources, time, and effort.

3D Printing has transformed the construction industry in the past few years, offering more benefits like reduced injury, cheaper and quicker construction, enhanced form, and better durability. This construction tech trend obviously has labor advantages, too, over traditional building methods as workers’ shift schedules do not restrict it.

You can use 3D printing for rebuilding cities after a natural disaster and building more sustainable homes.

3. Cloud Technology

Regardless of the industry where your business belongs, you can leverage cloud technology to advance your goals. This construction tech trend offers significant advantages, including data storage, real-time job site view, advanced analytics, and reduced costs

SaaS platforms can be useful for construction tasks like plan and project management, and daily reports. Additionally,  you can monitor the status of a project from anywhere in the world using cloud technology.

4. Productivity Software

7 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

System and process integration have transformed the way people work in the industry. Business and productivity software solutions offer extensive benefits for the construction sector, such as minimized delays, reduced rework rates, and improved collaboration between the site and office workers.

Workflow automation, for example, allows construction managers to reduce the risk of human error, especially when completing permits, meeting licensing requirements, and setting inspections. By automating forms, building professionals can save time and effort when completing highly detailed applications.

5. Robotics

Robotics is seen to make a more significant impact in the construction sector in 2020. Robots are seeping its way into construction sites, from laying roads to demolishing buildings.

This tech trend is expected to help boost construction times and the quality of builds. Some tech companies are also developing robots to assist in building maintenance, such as window cleaning.

6. Drones

7 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

Several construction sites are already using drones, with some even relying heavily on it. Today, surveyors can use drones to inspect an entire site, saving time, effort, and resources.

Since drone technology continuously evolves, it is expected to reduce human involvement in the years to come. More companies are considering investing in this technology, too, as it grows more efficient.

7. Self-healing concrete

Issues like cracks and leaks arise after the construction of buildings, homes, and other establishments. Thanks to technology, these issues can be addressed with minimal external aid.

Self-healing concrete uses acid-producing bacteria that acts as a catalyst in the healing process of cracks. This construction tech trend is said to be more resistant to freeze-thaw attacks and increase compressive and flexural strength.

Technological advancements have driven the construction industry forward. Because of technology, we can develop stronger, more sustainable, and energy-efficient structures.

These technologies are just some of the trends making the waves in the construction sector today. By using them effectively, it’s more likely your business will make a significant impact.

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