7 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

Working from home due to COVID-19? Check out these seven hacks that can help you stay sane and productive while working remotely.

7 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

More and more companies are implementing a work-from-home scheme to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But while working from home offers several advantages, it comes with its own set of challenges, too.

For instance, employees need to stay productive even without their usual resources and work habits. That, and the need to fight the urge to lounge all day and binge-watch the hottest series there is.

Luckily, there are key strategies to getting the work done, and staying sane, healthy, and happy while doing so! Take a look at these useful hacks that you can try while working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Stay Sane and Productive While Working from Home Amid COVID-19

Incorporate these helpful tricks into your daily working routine to get more things done in a day.

1. Stick to your habits.

You can skip the commute, yay! But this doesn’t mean you should laze around.

Wake up to your alarm, eat your breakfast meal, take a shower, and get properly dressed. Doing your usual weekday morning routine will help get you into work mode.

If you have a typical nine-to-six schedule, hustle within this timeframe at home. It’s easier to keep a work-life balance when you stick to your regular schedule and routine.

2. Designate a workspace.

7 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

Working efficiently at home is a lot harder than it seems, especially when home clutter and household duties get in the way. That’s why designating a workspace is vital to your success.

When choosing a workspace, consider which kind of environment allows you to focus and operate at your best. Do you need a quiet space, or you work better with a little background noise?

Then, identify what hinders you from working efficiently, so you can keep distractions at bay. Are you easily tempted by the sight of the television, or your bed never fails to lure you?

Naming the things that drive your motivation and steal your attention away is crucial for picking the right workspace. Once you’ve identified your work spot, make it pleasant and comfortable.

3. Create a to-do list.

One thing about working from home is you get to be your own manager. But without the usual activities like in-person conferences that help break up your workday, it’s easy to get distracted or feel exhausted.

Creating a to-do list won’t only help you stick to your schedule but also make you more accountable. The trick is simple: break down your tasks for the day on a list and set realistic timelines for each of them.

While online calendars help, shifting windows can cause distractions, too. A useful hack is to list down your tasks on a whiteboard or sticky pad and put it somewhere you can see easily.

If your company has a business and productivity software, leverage this technology to work efficiently. Productivity tools are useful for remote working, especially in maintaining collaboration among team members.

4. Take short breaks.

7 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

Sitting for hours on end won’t do your health any good even if you’re working at the office. Working from home tends to keep you even more immobile, especially that you have fewer reasons to leave your workspace.

To stay mobile and healthy while working from home, take regular short breaks. Get up from your chair every once in a while to stretch or move around the house.

Doing so helps regain your focus, reduce stress, and boost your productivity. If you’re commonly spending an hour or two commuting, you can use this free time to work out.

5. Communicate with your colleagues.

It’s particularly challenging to interact with colleagues during this time, and it’s causing a lot of people to feel socially inept. But thanks to technology, you can stay connected with your colleagues to see how they’re doing and give updates about your work status, too.

With online tools and platforms such as email, you can share your daily accomplishments with your supervisor. By keeping your teammates and bosses in the know, you can show them you’re on top of your responsibilities even when you’re working remotely.

Video conferencing tools are also useful for virtual meetings. Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts Meet are just some of the apps you can utilize for regular check-ins.

6. Avoid multitasking.

7 Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

While it’s tempting to juggle household chores and work duties when you’re working from home, this often hurts your productivity. Try your best to stick to your work and avoid multitasking.

If you prepare your lunch ahead of time on a regular workday, observe the same routine in your new setup. This way, you can continue tackling your tasks without distractions.

Also, fight the urge to turn on the TV even if you only mean to use it for background noise. Listen to instrumental music instead and keep your workspace free of any clutter so you can concentrate better, too.

7. Have a game plan.

A work-from-home setup is especially harder for parents with young kids or toddlers. But with a proper game plan, you can survive this challenge.

The fundamental trick is to seek help when you badly need to. If you’re co-parenting, communicate your schedule with your partner and come up with an arrangement like taking turns in watching the kids.

If you have a household helper, explain your new arrangement, and work in a separate room. Try to keep your kids preoccupied with activities as well, like crafts and puzzles, so they have something to do while you’re working.

People are feeling uncertain and anxious about all that’s happening in the world today, and being quarantined can intensify these emotions. While it’s easier to panic and get consumed by all the negativity and chaos, remember that you are given a chance to do something good every day.

Try to keep an optimistic viewpoint and do your best to help your company survive these trying times. Take this challenging phase as an opportune time to learn, grow, and rise even stronger because, after all, the world will heal again.

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