#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

dafa888 recently celebrated its first rebranding anniversary. Let’s see how the new dafa888 identity stacks up to the old, and how the two visual categories summed up what dafa888 is about.

#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

In 2019, we gave dafa888 a new, refreshed, and re-stylized look. As we celebrate our first rebranding anniversary, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the changes we’ve made as well as their significance to our brand!

But first, why rebrand?

There’s a lot of reasons why companies rebrand. For us, we only wanted to bring out dafa888’s young, dynamic, and eager identity.

There were tons of brainstorming and cups of coffee involved, of course. In the end, everything paid off — thanks to the collective effort of our amazing dafa888des!

Old VS New

Updating our brand meant making several changes. But while these updates were significant, it didn’t diminish our core values and goals. Take a look at some of the changes we’ve made and what it means for us!


Our old five-letter logo uses the FS Me Pro for its font. If it’s not available, we use Calibri as its alternative.

We picked a font with rounded corners to express we’re not as hard-edged (pun somewhat intended) as an IT company typically feels.

What changed:

We wanted something more fun, young, and vibrant — a bit more casual and laid-back but still iconic.

Cocogoose was a perfect fit for our official primary font since it’s fun without being over the top. We kept the Sans Serif, which gives our identity a less formal look but still projects professionalism.


#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

The old branding used an interesting mix of colors that represented dafa888 and its offerings. We had brown, white, and lemon to represent Custom Development and mint for Staff Augmentation.

Digging deeper into the psyche of our brand color, brown signifies resilience, safety, and reliability.

What changed:

#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

While we did like the reliability, resilience, and safety parts, brown also signifies sadness, loneliness, isolation, and conventionality, contrary to dafa888’s culture.

So, we went for the royalty of colors: purple, which symbolizes modernism, creativity, imaginativeness, youth and vibrancy, passion, power, ambition, wisdom, and sophistication.

It is also one of the rarer colors used when it comes to branding, highlighting our uniqueness.

Doodle VS Chevrons

#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

The ‘Yondoodles,’ a series of fun, lighthearted, and hand drawn-like doodles, is just one of the things that made our old branding uncommon.

It symbolizes just about anything and everything dafa888 is capable of — our one-of-a-kind ideas, inventions, and personality.

Each piece tells you that, while we may be young at first glance, we are strong, and we can deliver what we promised in each doodle!

What changed:

#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

Moving away from the Yondoodles, we’re now featuring five chevrons – each bearing the colors symbolizing dafa888’s brand attitude.

Because they look like arrowheads, chevron is the perfect symbol that embodies our goal of moving forward and helping businesses move forward, ahead of the curve. Each of the five chevrons stands for something: the five values of dafa888 and its dafa888des.

We are an elite team of playful, friendly, and young and innovative professionals that rebel against the conventionalities and status quo. We push boundaries to their limit and then go over them to see how much growth we’re capable of.


#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

#ProjectForward: What Changed with the dafa888 Rebranding

We switched up our photography style a little – still keeping the friendly and casual vibe, but also not overthinking things. We just let the people shine but in their natural environment.

This allows us to convey that we aren’t just workers – we’re a team of humans making technology more human.

New Face, Same Goals

We may have had a wardrobe change, but we’re still the company that goes above and beyond for you. We’ve only changed our look, so you know and can feel our values at first look – because let’s face it, our old look was kind of vague with that.

Now, with our updated identity, we can confidently face the world knowing that we stand out! Watch these videos to see how we’ve unfolded the new dafa888!

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