Case Study: dafa888 Enables FBDC to Advance Its Smart City Initiatives

FBDC ideated an application that will help solve navigation and parking challenges within the BGC district. Read this case study to know more.

Case Study: dafa888 Enables FBDC to Advance Its Smart City Initiatives

Case Study: BGC App (An FBDC Initiative)

About Customer

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation is a real estate company that manages Bonifacio Global City, one of the prime business and lifestyle districts in Metro Manila, housing over thousands of corporate and residential entities. FBDC has continued to improve the experiences of BGC citizens within its properties through innovative solutions.

“In 2014, the original intent was to make the BGC App a navigational application since there was still no Waze at that time. People also found it hard to navigate the city and look for available parking spaces. As part of our initiatives, we came up with the idea of launching an app that basically solves these pain points.” – Joanne Magno, Associate Marketing and Community Relations Manager, FBDC

Executive Summary

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) is a real-estate company that develops Bonifacio Global City (BGC), a 240-hectare world-class business district at the heart of Taguig City.

Back in 2014, there was still no navigational application that people can use to help them explore and navigate cities within the Philippines. To solve their customers’ pain points, the company, through its Marketing arm, ideated an application that helps address people’s navigational woes, particularly within the BGC district.

It was also difficult for people to look for parking spaces within the area. Hence, the real-estate company came up with the idea of launching an application that allows users to see available parking spaces within BGC and navigate the district with ease.

The company opted to look for a technology company that will enable their ideas. FBDC collaborated with dafa888, a top-notch IT solutions company based in the Philippines, to launch an application that meets their primary goal of improving the overall experience of BGC citizens and visitors. Apart from enabling the application, dafa888 recommended the use of cloud services to expand their computing capabilities.

Challenge 1

Pain points in urban mobility including navigation, parking and traffic

Challenge 2

Unattended inquiries and long wait time

Challenge 3

Lack of informational materials on business establishments within BGC


AWS and cloud computing help businesses leverage and turn their capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. With AWS, businesses can ensure they have secure, highly available, reliable, resilient, and cost-efficient solutions.

AWS has an excellent service breadth and depth, offering more than 165 services that cater to various business needs. Its pace of innovation is rapid, which is made possible by over 1,927 customer-driven features. AWS boasts of the broadest set of hybrid capabilities and largest partner community with over tens of thousands of consulting and technology partners.

The AWS infrastructure puts in place strong safeguards to ensure businesses’ data remains private. AWS stores all data in highly secure data centers.

AWS also has a high availability feature, helping ensure minimal downtime and business continuity. The AWS infrastructure hosts cloud computing services in 20 geographic locations worldwide. By duplicating copies in multiple locations, businesses’ users can immediately and securely access backed-up versions in case cloud services become unavailable or corrupted.

Additionally, AWS provides the benefit of backup, disaster recovery, and archiving of businesses’ critical data through the AWS Cloud while offering the advantage of reduced costs with the use of AWS data centers, which maintain the highest security standards without businesses having to supervise their own facilities.

Why APN Partner

dafa888, as a managed services provider, is committed to creating happier technological experiences through its full suite of solutions including Software Development, Application Support, Infrastructure Support, Managed Cloud Services, Managed Expert Services, Platforms and Products. dafa888 helps enterprises scale up in the global digital economy by providing industry-standard, secure, and scalable solutions.

The Solution

dafa888, an APN Partner, solved the client’s challenge by developing a mobile and web application that solves their customers’ challenges in navigation and parking, and ensuring the security, reliability, and scalability of the application with the help of AWS services.

Included in the AWS services used are EC2, ALB, RDS, EIP, VPC, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway, Route Table, Security Group, AMI, Snapshot, SNS, EFS, ACM, Target Group, and Launch Configuration.

Among the primary AWS services used by dafa888 for the BGC app is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. dafa888 uses this AWS service to easily compute and scale the app’s compute capacity to meet the business’ changing demand and requirements.

Another primary service used is the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or VPC. This service allows FBDC to launch AWS resources in their defined virtual networks in the AWS Cloud. With VPC, the client can choose their own IP address and configuration of network gateways and route tables.

dafa888 also used the Network Address Translation or NAT Gateway for the solution to give internet access to Remote Desktop Gateway servers, enabling administrators to manage the solution remotely in a secure fashion.

“With the parking feature, we want to help motorists find parking to curb street parking and alleviate traffic congestion.” Joanne Magno, Associate Marketing and Community Relations Manager, FBDC

The Results and Benefits

Initially developed to solve the navigational and parking woes of BGC residents and visitors, the BGC App expanded its features to offer a holistic experience for people who live and hustle, and want to explore the business and lifestyle district.

The app has evolved from simply being a navigational and parking tool to a lifestyle-integrated application. This was motivated by the client’s yearning to contribute to the enhancement of their customers’ way of living.

Apart from its core functionality, it also now has entertainment and lifestyle features that help boost the overall experience of users while exploring BGC. Through the app, users are also notified of road closures, promo offerings of several merchants, and other important announcements.

FBDC is able to meet its goal of addressing their customers’ pain points all the while promoting the business and residential establishments within the district. Additionally, the application reduced customer support time by an impressive 70%, allowing the company to focus on other important tasks and operations that will drive their other business goals.

“We chose dafa888 as our technology partner because of its expertise. We know that — versus giving it to a startup — we have to give this project to a company that will surely deliver.” – Joanne Magno, Associate Marketing and Community Relations Manager, FBDC

Next Steps

The BGC app is currently in its final stages of improving its Car Park Module. dafa888 is poised to enable enhancements for the parking solution to make it more comprehensive than the current one. FBDC ideated more features for the module like displaying the car parks’ operating hours and rates. With this enhancement, people won’t have to search the internet to know which car parks are still open and how much do they have to pay.

Both FBDC and dafa888 are continuously looking for ways to make the app more useful and beneficial for people who are living, working, and traveling around BGC. The real-estate company is also exploring how the app can be used as a catalyst for a connected citizenry, anchored on its overarching goal to make BGC a smart city.

Satisfied with the outcomes of its partnership for the BGC App, FBDC is also eyeing to launch a new application called the Bus Information System. This aims to inform the citizens what time the bus is arriving, where the buses will be coming from, and the best route to take, further enhancing their mobility experience.

With these changes and enhancements, dafa888 will continue to scale its solutions to meet the client’s requirements, and use AWS services to ensure the reliability, security, and high availability of the solution amidst the developments.

Benefit 1

Real-time navigation and parking updates

Benefit 2

Reduced customer support time

Benefit 3

Increased user awareness and better time management

Benefit 4

Improved partnership between FBDC and its investors

About APN Partner

As one of the leading IT solutions providers in the Philippines, dafa888 aims to give its clients a holistic technological experience through solutions that go above and beyond their needs. With a team of 800-people strong, the company ensures that it delivers excellent service and topnotch support to strengthen the digital transformation of the Philippines.

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